Mobus Creative Negotiating

Mobus Creative Negotiating is a corporate negotiation training company that matches more than 30 years of training seminar experience with the latest educational and communication techniques.

Our mission is to make businesses more successful and to improve their employees’ lives through a creative application of negotiating strategies. This approach both achieves better outcomes and fosters long-term strategic alliances, which in turn reduce negotiating friction and anxiety.

Over the last three decades, an expanding global marketplace has made the art of negotiation even more complex. Typically there are fewer vendors in a supply chain, leaving old methods of price-focused negotiation less effective in both sales and procurement.

The Mobus Creative Negotiating approach is based on two evident under-appreciated truths.  First, business-to-business negotiation is more than an economic activity.  It is a person-to-person interaction—and human beings are often irrational economic actors. Modern negotiating strategies therefore require creativity and an appreciation of complex factors.

Second, all negotiations are not the same.  Negotiating at a market in Shanghai is a world away from negotiating with a long-term supplier or customer in Chicago or Berlin.  Our program builds off these realities to train business professionals for the global economy of the 21st century.

Frank Mobus has conducted negotiation training seminars for these businesses:

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What Our Clients Are Saying:

Greg Squires

Vice President, Client Success, Shopatron

I came to this negotiation training seminar to learn more about how to work with our customers and manage the relationships that we have with those customers. I’ve been really pleased with the content and the approach that the Mobus team has taken to help train this group and give *us* some fresh ideas for how to approach some often *conflicting* or combative situations.

Rick George

Rick George

Procurement, Institute of Supply Management

Mobus Creative Negotiating has simply taken it to the next level. I have also been involved with the Institute of Supply Management, so there is a lot of negotiation going on there, I have been predominantly in the private sector — but now in the public sector this has given me a whole different perspective on what purchasing negotiation is about.


Lalena Daigneault

Project Manager, County of San Luis Obispo

This is my first seminar on negotiating. I’m going to be negotiating a contract for a software purchase in the next few months and I’m going to be going over all of the tactics that I learned here, before I do that. The leaders were dynamic they had a lot of good energy and a lot of really good information that made it valuable to me.

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