Negotiation Training for Auto and Aerospace Industries

Mobus / Negotiation Training for Auto and Aerospace Industries

You should attend our negotiation training if:

  • You deal with big Automaker or Aircraft customers for new program awards or you manage existing programs and negotiate product specs, tooling and NRE costs, schedules and lead-times, pricing and volume forecasts, productivity increases, quality, and delivery performance, changes.Auto Sales Training - Aerospace Supply Chain Negotiations
  • You have a limited number of customers or a few customers have a high percentage of your total business, putting you in a difficult position.
  • You deal with suppliers who may be sole sources (validated, designed-in). You may have limited options and must continue doing business but you need them to be more responsive, reasonable on changes, work to take out cost, improve quality, push-up or push-out deliveries.
  • Your most difficult negotiations are internal, with your own people, like, Corporate HQ which is halfway around the globe, design engineers with a lot of authority, manufacturing operations, marketing.



Kevin Bumen
Kevin Bumen
Director of Airports
4 years ago
It’s a great seminar!

We negotiate frequently for contracts and services with on-airport providers as well as other entities… the airport world has plenty of negotiation attached to it.

It's a great opportunity to refresh your negotiating skills as well as look more holistically at the opportunities in any negotiation to create more value, build a relationship and a partnership, and ultimately get the job done - in the most effective way.

The presenters did a really nice job of presenting the material and creating the simulated negotiations in way that was compelling; and certainly always interesting to talk about the outcomes -- given there are so many ways it can turn out!

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