Negotiating in a World of Disruptive Technologies

Mobus DisruptiveOrganizations spend a lot of time and resources to create efficient systems for the production and delivery of goods and services. But those systems can be upended overnight by disruptive players in the market. Every year, CNBC publishes their list of the top 50 disruptive companies. The article, “Meet the 2015 CNBC Disruptor 50 companies” lists the top 50 disrupters for 2015.

In the supply chain, purchasing or procurement negotiators often lose sight of potential disruptions by focusing on squeezing bottom line profits out of the other side through age old bargaining. At Mobus Creative Negotiating, we acknowledge bargaining as an essential skill but when you have developed a relationship with a vendor or supplier, meaning repeated transactions over an extended period of time, keep in mind that one of the benefits is keeping abreast of disruptors on the horizon.

Check out the list in this article and ask yourself, “Who in your industry might be on the list in 2016?” Better yet, consider asking your key vendors or suppliers if they know who will be on the list.

Negotiation is inherently contentious but if you’re on the buying side, you are not just exchanging money for goods or services. It is usually the case that the suppliers’ organization knows more about the products or services and the marketplace than the buyer does. Take advantage of their knowledge; it’s usually available if you ask and it costs the suppliers’ side little or nothing to provide. Along with the money, the goods, and services, you’re also exchanging insight and information that may be much more valuable than the bottom line number on a contract.

To see the complete list of CNBC’s top 50 Disruptors for 2015, follow this link: Meet the 2015 CNBC Disruptor 50 companies