Mobus / Manufacturing

Manufacturing professionals working in several functional areas (such as: sales, marketing, procurement, technical) benefit from Mobus Creative Negotiating’s cusotmized negotiation training programs. For Example:

Customer-facing professionals who:

  • Negotiate supply agreements with key customers.
  • Negotiate development deals for new, highly-customized products or services.
  • Negotiate for large amounts of their plant’s capacity.
  • Must sell price increases.
  • Are facing new competition from low-cost countries.
  • Face a low-end competitor willing to cut to the bone or take losses to win market share or break into your accounts.
  • Sell high-end products and services with strong value-add and need premium prices in a competitive, oversupplied market.


Procurement and strategic sourcing professionals who:

  • Buy for your plant and are under pressure to cut costs or generate savings.
  • Buy from low-cost countries/regions and need to improve quality and delivery.
  • Deal with sole sources or are in a situation where there is little competition.
  • Buy for global operations.
  • Have engineering staff (or other end-users) that give away all your leverage.
  • Make contract manufacturing agreements.
  • Negotiate internally with operations, end-users and design engineers.
  • Negotiate inbound, outbound logistics and inventory management.
  • Handle large CapEx acquisitions (automation, conveyors, machinery, facilities) and maintenance and repair services.
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