Negotiation training for the Technology and IT industries

Mobus / Negotiation training for the Technology and IT industries

You should attend a Mobus Negotiation training event if:

  • You sell technology (hardware, software or services), where customers want continuous lower pricing, improved performance, faster implementation or product development.
  • You negotiate over IP and other terms and conditions (termination, liquidated damages), master agreements, service level agreementss, license renewals.


  • You manage accounts and up-sell or cross-sell new products or additional product/service lines. Add on services or wider area, regional, national or global adoption.
  • You manage projects for implementation or installation and deal with scope of work issues (scope creep), schedules, access to resources, approvals, milestone accomplishment and progress payments.
  • You work in customer service or technical support.
  • You buy IT including hardware, software and services. You manage projects (as the customer) including negotiating with your internal stakeholders over requirements and scope and changes.

Lalena Daigneault
Lalena Daigneault
Project Manager
4 years ago
This is my first seminar on negotiating.

I'm going to be negotiating a contract for a software purchase in the next few months and I'm going to be going over all of the tactics that I learned here, before I do that.

It was a lot more useful than I was expecting.
The leaders were dynamic. They had a lot of good energy and a lot of really good information that made it valuable to me. I'm frequently frustrated when I go to trainings and I get about one hour of useful information for four hours of my time -- and I feel like I've just gotten so much useful information over these last 2 days.

Daniel Milei
Daniel Milei
IT Director
4 years ago
You have to look at the other side of the fence.

As the IT director I have many vendors and many agreements that I maintain with software companies, hardware companies and consultants. We continuously have projects that we are negotiating. We have many agreements, so definitely it's negotiating all the time [for us]!

It was interesting to see that you have to look at the other side of the fence and find out what their motivations and goals are. Trying to be a good listener, to be very active in your conversation, and to be willing to find a way to set up a win-win situation - that is very important as well.

The class has been very dynamic; definitely there is a lot of information. I really like the exercises, which can be exhausting like [in] real life; definitely there is a lot to learn!

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