Real Estate Negotiation Training

Mobus / Real Estate Negotiation Training

Real Estate Negotiation Training For:

  • You write offers and negotiate purchases/sales agreements or deal with leases (rates, terms, build-out allowances, improvements).
  • You buy properties or raw land and negotiate with owners over pricing, terms and conditions.

Real Estate Negotiation Training

  • You negotiate with Banks or lenders over rates and fees, collateral or security requirements, loan amounts, terms and conditions.
  • You do development deals with owners and work with architects, contractors (especially on design-build projects).
  • You negotiate with city or county government agencies over planning, zoning, traffic, signage, inspection approvals and environmental issues.


 Real Estate Company: Real Property Management

Linda Van Fleet
Linda Van Fleet
Property Manager
5 years ago
Every minute has been really intriguing! I never have lost interest during the entire seminar - [and] we're almost done with Day 2!

It's been fascinating. Wonderful quality of presenters! To tell you the truth, I was kind of dreading this seminar, I have had negotiation seminars before and have had to do role-playing in front of the audience and then be critiqued, and I just found it very off-putting. So, this whole method of breaking off into teams, and doing the case studies has been very eye-opening and enjoyable.

I've learned some extremely creative ways to come to yes, and get that deal made, and the collaborative method has been a good reminder of how to get to know the other parties and what their needs are -that's the classic method. This goes far beyond that into really creating synergy and finding out creative ways…to get to yes. I've just loved every minute.

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