Negotiation is stuck—it’s time for something new.

Creative Conflict by Bill Sanders and Frank Mobus

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Harvard Business Review

Creative Conflict by Bill Sanders and Frank Mobus

Published by Harvard Business Review Press. June 15, 2021.

Now available from Amazon or your favorite bookstore. ISBN: 9781633699496

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We’re happy to announce our book, “Creative Conflict: A Practical Guide for Business Negotiators,” is now available from your favorite bookstore. Links below. We will share more information about the book in the coming weeks, but to get started let us say we’re very proud of this work and thoroughly pleased with the way it’s turned out. The Harvard Business Review Press team did an amazing job on the editing, design and production.

Our belief from the start of this project is that agreement making is one of the most important skills anyone in business can posses. In fact, it’s a skill that extends beyond business into everyday life. Improving or mastering agreement making — by skillful negotiating — makes people more successful on the job, more valuable as employees or team members and team leaders. It makes our jobs easier and our lives run smoother and better.

Most people dread negotiation because you can’t escape the fact that, at some level, conflict is always present. After all, if you want something and I want something else, that’s conflict. We’ve been conditioned to avoid conflict and we’re uncomfortable around it, but we encourage you to look at it from a different angle. That conflict carries with it the seed for a better overall agreement. Better than what you might think you want for yourself but also better for your counterpart as well. So rather than shrink from or shy away from conflict we provide you with ways and means to deal with or even embrace the inherent conflict, to help conflict spark the ideas that lead to well-crafted, mutually beneficial agreements.

If you’ve ever been to a workshop conducted by Frank or myself, you know how hard we try to keep things interesting and entertaining. We’ve tried our best to do that here as well with lots of stories and anecdotes to bring to life the practical strategies, tactics and major concepts presented in the book. We’re sure you will find it a good read. It will appeal to the most-seasoned senior executive and prove indispensable to the recent college grad just starting out in their business career. Makes a great gift for a young person tackling the new challenges of today’s business world.

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Thank you! — Bill Sanders

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