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Have an open slot for an upcoming sales meeting? A Mobus speech will impact your people with effective, practical information they can immediately put to good use. Our speeches are highly interactive and entertaining. They can be tailored to specific functional groups and include an engaging negotiating game played by all. Duration can vary from one to three hours to meet your needs. Equally effective for small to very large group sizes.

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Customized Negotiation Seminars

Mobus Creative Negotiating Seminars offer an effective, experiential learning opportunity. The seminars are built around cases or games where all participate in simulated negotiations: attendees “learn by doing.” The material is modern, effective and up-to-date.  These can be delivered over one, two or three days to meet your requirements and they are customized for your group. Your people will immediately put to use what they’ve learned and begin negotiating better agreements right away.
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Enterprise Solutions

We’re nimble and flexible. We will work with you and your organization to meet your specific requirements for negotiating training. From one seminar to dozens, customized per functional group. Refresher and follow-on training. Coaching and consulting.  Program development assistance. If you have large numbers of people to train and your organization is equipped for high-quality course facilitation we will work with you on a Mobus train-the-trainer program.

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When education is entertaining and involving, people learn better and remember what they’ve learned. Our approach offers a “learn by doing” experience where all attendees participate in several different negotiation simulations — cases or games — where people get to negotiate face-to-face with other real people and get to practice turning ideas into effective action. Our experienced and compelling seminar leaders keep participants active and engaged. The seminar delivery is highly interactive and includes multiple presentation methods:  skits, discussions, humorous stories, fun video clips and small group activities to keep everyone engaged and involved the entire time.


In the past thirty years we’ve presented negotiation training to organizations of every type and in every industry you can imagine. This experience helps us deliver training that hits home:  it has meaning and impact for those attending. Prior to presenting a program we will conduct interviews with management and front-line negotiators to surface your issues and challenges.  We’ll tailor the content to address these issues and be prepared to facilitate discussions with knowledge and authority in a way that is in-line with organizational policy, objectives, constraints and initiatives.


Continual reinforcement helps participants retrain and build on the initial training success. We offer refresher courses, follow-on advanced courses, coaching and consulting and we’ll work with your training professionals on train-the-trainer programs for ongoing negotiation training if your organization is set up for high-quality facilitating.  We are currently developing on-line simulations so that past attendees can log on and challenge an avatar in several different fun negotiating situations, each with unique learning objectives.  We will be offering other online resources as well to keep course graduates involved and up-to-date on the topic.


We’ve been working with top companies around the world for over 30 years to align our negotiation training with the ever-changing needs of professional negotiators. The new landscape of intensified global competition is presenting fresh challenges to those called upon to negotiate. Yet, all too often people try to solve new problems with old tools. Products and services have become more complex and customized. Supplier and customer relationship management is now more important than ever. Opportunity to discover and add value through the negotiation process has to come to the forefront over zero-sum, competitive distributive negotiating. We understand that negotiating does not take place algorithmically between black boxes but between real human beings. We’re constantly drawing from the new field of behavioral economics as well as neuroscience and psychology to make sure our program includes the latest findings relevant to the way real humans act in negotiations. We are constantly working to make sure our programs continue to offer the most beneficial experiences and up-to-date information that professionals need in this new and ever-changing world.

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