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Mobus Creative Negotiating for Specific Industries

We customize our negotiation training specifically for every clients’ industry and functional group.
We’ve delivered customized negotiation training to leading companies in many industries.
Here are a few examples.

Auto and Aerospace
Real Estate
Oil and Gas

Who should attend a Mobus negotiation training event? You should attend, if…

You deal with customers and clients:

  • Salespeople and Sales Management
  • Account and Relationship Managers, Business Development, Technical Sales Specialists
  • Program Managers, Brand Managers, Marketing
    Customer Service and Technical Support

You deal with suppliers and vendors:

  • Purchasing Agents, Buyers, Commodity Managers
  • Strategic Sourcing professionals
  • IT Procurement Specialists
  • Contracting Officers and Contracts Managers
  • Contracts and Legal
You work on projects:

  • Project Managers and Project Engineers
  • Software Architects and Engineers
  • Construction Managers
  • Operations and Supervisors
  • Project Procurement Specialists, Estimators and Expeditors
  • Sub-contracts Managers

You provide critical support:

  • Finance Managers and Analysts
  • HR managers, Benefits Managers, Labor Relations
  • Corporate Training and Development, Leadership Development
  • Environment, Health and Safety
  • Regulatory and Government Liaisons


At a Mobus Creative Negotiating seminar you will learn negotiating essentials, creative deal-making and relationship-building skills that will immediately have you making better agreements with co-workers, suppliers, and customers. You will negotiate from strength and with confidence. These approaches lower your negotiating stress and anxiety. You will learn to discover and capitalize on unforeseen opportunities.

     By practicing these ideas, tools and techniques the agreements you make will further your own interests, be more profitable and, at the same time, more satisfying to the other party. Your long-term relationships will grow and flourish. The negotiation training you receive at a Mobus Creative Negotiating workshop will make you more successful on the job and a more valuable employee to your organization. Our mission is improve the lives of business professionals — to help you make your job and your life more satisfying and more rewarding.

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