Negotiation training works.

Top business leaders adopt the Mobus program to capture greater profits.


Creative Negotiating.  Incredible results.

Mobus Creative Negotiating matches 30 years of seminar experience with modern communications techniques. We make businesses more successful and improve employees’ lives through creative application of negotiating strategies. Clients achieve better agreements and nurture long-term strategic alliances.

The Mobus Creative Negotiating approach is based on two under-appreciated truths:

1) Business negotiation is not just an economic activity. It is human interaction—and humans are often irrational. Successful negotiating strategies require creativity and an appreciation of complex factors.
2) All negotiations are not the same. Negotiating at a Shanghai market is a world away from negotiating with long-term suppliers or customers in Chicago or Berlin.
Our program uses today’s real-world situations to develop business professionals for the global economy of the 21st century.



With smart methodology, top talent, and the world’s leading seminar presenters, Mobus is the Fortune 500’s most-trusted negotiation training solution. See how it works for some of the most successful organizations in the world.


“The World’s Most Advanced Negotiating Program”

–InAmerica, PBS TV

Negotiation thought leaders.

Frank Mobus and the Mobus Creative Negotiating team draw from a range of professional disciplines and extensive experience in the field of negotiation training.





Play our unique game.
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See how well you do and replay.


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