Mobus Takeaways from Recent Conferences: ISM and ATD

Mobus Takeaways from Recent Conferences: ISM and ATD


ISM Frank MobusThe Mobus team is back in LA after a successful round of conferences. In Indianapolis, we exhibited our services at the International Institute for Supply Management (ISM) conference.  Alan Mullaly, former CEO of Ford Motor Company, spoke about how much he appreciated his suppliers.  While heading up Boeing and later Ford, he said 70% of every plane built and car made was due to his suppliers. This underscores the Mobus program’s focus on relationship building, because that is the new paradigm in vendor/procurement negotiations.  Those negotiations are very different from the old competitive model.  No longer is the goal to take every penny you can from the other guy. We analyze how to get the most out of developing trusted partners in the supply chain: how to be on the lookout for opportunities and how to be sure that your side gets its fair share in those partnerships.

AmdocsThen we were in Denver for the Association of Talent Development (ATD) conference, the leading event on new trends in corporate training worldwide. There, Shirley Eilon Shweky from Amdocs and her colleague Alon Mamlok, the head of Amdocs Academy, gave a wonderful overview of the cutting-edge training techniques they employ.  (Amdocs is the market leader in customer experience software solutions and services for the world’s largest communications, entertainment and media service providers.)  They have developed a blended approach to learning which fits with the faster speed of change in business: shrinking cycle times, disruptive technology and the heightened uncertainty. They use bite-sized, multi-device modules that can be accessed at any time by their sales force.   Using video, gamification, and cloud-based platforms in conjunction with instructor-lead training, they create highly-engaging, concise, “on the go” learning that’s effective, efficient and enjoyable.  These are all words that speak to our approach at Mobus.   Our cutting-edge training tools are based on these latest delivery ATD-2016methods.

Furthermore, Amdocs shares their teaching approach with their customer base, another business strategy we applaud.  Like Amdocs, we believe that making yourself a resource and trusted partner with your customers will bring unexpected benefits.

So, our hearty congratulations go to our friend Shirley Shweky and everyone at Amdocs.  We look forward to our continued association with them this year.  And to all our readers—stay tuned for more exciting tips and insights as we strive to be your source for negotiation training this year and beyond.