Pandemic Disruption!

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Pandemic Disruption!

We typically think of disruptions as new innovations which irreversibly change the way we do things. Computers killed typewriters, digital cameras changed the face of photography and cell phone technology forever changed, not only the way we communicate, but how we conduct business.

The current global pandemic has radically altered everyday business models. For Mobus, as with other training companies, it’s put live, in-person workshops on hold. BUT, good news! We already have a new business model up and running to solve the problem. The Mobus Creative Negotiating eCourse.

Announcing the Pandemic Special Offer:
50% off the full, 12-hour, 130-lesson Basic through Advanced Negotiating eCourse
Use discount code: covid19

No one can predict how long the pandemic shutdown will go on nor what the “new normal” will be as restrictions are lifted. But we’re certain of one thing: it will be a very different world.

When the dust finally settles negotiating will be even more important than before. Existing agreements may no longer be workable and will need to be re-negotiated. Resolutions to problems, compromises and new, more-creative deals need to be worked out.

For salespeople, buyers, logistics and transport providers, project managers, engineers, contracts and legal departments, leaders and executives — everything’s changed. Professionals with the skills to negotiate creative deals, find workable solutions and rebuild relationships are more in need than ever.

We invite our readers to use this lockdown period to take a positive step toward upgrading your negotiating skills with the Mobus Creative Negotiating eCourse. We’re making it easier for everyone to take the first step.

This special offer allows anyone to take the course at the per person price normally reserved for groups of 100 or more. That’s 50% off the regular price or just $372.50. This special offer is for a limited time only — through July 4.

Let us explain just what this online negotiating eCourse is all about and why we think it is a one-of-a-kind training package.


The online, Mobus Creative Negotiating eCourse was developed and tested to meet the needs of clients who found it impossible to get their people together in one location, all at the same time. It’s being used successfully by some of the USA’s biggest companies.

Four years in the making, the eCourse is a powerful, motivating and intuitive learning experience. It’s divided into four courses following the Mobus Negotiating Continuum:

Course 1. Competitive Negotiating
Course 2. Bargaining
Course 3. Creative Deal Making
Course 4. Long-Term Relationship Negotiating

  • Equivalent to a live, 2-day Mobus Creative Negotiating Workshop
  • 12 hours of content in 130+ self-contained lessons
  • Four years in development, creation and testing — a carefully-constructed, thorough and complete negotiating course
  • Go through it on your schedule anytime, anywhere 24/7/365
  • Take it in bite-size pieces or binge through it
  • Hands on negotiating exercises; participate in all 6 unique negotiating cases
  • Strategic Considerations: Planning & Execution
  • Covers highly-competitive situations to mutually-beneficial relationships
  • Identify negotiating pressures and overlooked power sources
  • Recognize and counter negotiating tactics
  • Handle tough situations like dealing with competition or sole sources
  • Negotiate the practice cases using your Zoom, Webex, email or text message platform — all too real in today’s environment!
  • Play our included computer simulation negotiating games
  • Mental side and mindset: progress from understanding concepts to “being a negotiator”

All you need to do is go to the Full Course Order Page, click on “Have coupon?” and enter “covid19”. Click the Sign Up button and see the price change to reflect the 50% discount ($372.50). Click the Sign Up button again to go to Paypal.

Then, make payment through Paypal using a credit card or your Paypal account and you’re all set. You will receive an email with your account information and instructions for logging in. That’s it. Then work your way through the full, 12-hour Mobus eCourse, on your time and schedule.

If you would like to enroll a group or use a company P. O., feel free to contact me, Bill Sanders ([email protected]).

To get by and prosper in the current, massively- disrupted business world — we all need new and innovative solutions — and the skills to create them.

Stay safe but be creative!

–Bill Sanders