Dilbert, the Negotiator

Dilbert, the Negotiator

ilbert, the Negotiator, from Scott Adam’s comic strip provides an endless reservoir of insight into the business world.

Dilbert the Negotiator
Dilbert the negotiator counters the anchor tactic.

In today’s strip (12 Feb 2015) he gets the better of guy who is attempting to use a negotiating tactic, the anchor. The anchor is used to tie the other person’s expectation to a price-point favoring your position. Like all negotiating tactics the anchor is a useful tool, worth having in the creative-negotiator’s toolkit.  But it should only be used in the right circumstances.

Unsuccessful negotiators, like our salesman here, misuse tactics, fall into ruts, rely on a set of simple tips or rules.  Successful negotiators don’t blindly follow a given set or rules or tips.  They understand the negotiating process and the elements of human nature (both their own and that of their negotiating counter-party).  They have a good sense of all the issues that come into play during the act of making an agreement and know how to use a discovery strategy to uncover strengths, weakness, areas of mutual benefit and opportunities for value-creating.   See the Dilbert strip by following the link below.

The insight in this edition of Dilbert is that successful negotiating is more than following a simple formula and executing tactical thrusts and parries.  Understanding tactics: knowing their limitations, the right and wrong situations for their use, the risks involved and the countermeasures is all part of negotiating. But in today’s world of customized solutions, complex business deals and long-term relationships it’s only a small part. There is no simple process, formula, or tool set that will guarantee best results.  You need an encompassing, creative approach if you expect to do better: to discover and unlock value for both sides through negotiation.

In this blog we’ll be exploring negotiating-centered pieces in the popular media and critiquing their message.

See today’s Diblert comic strip HERE!