Negotiation Training for Doctors

Doctors negotiate every day, almost constantly, yet they receive almost no formal instruction in how to do so.

 Dhruv Khullar of the Yale School of Medicine and Harvard Kennedy School, offers important insight into the importance of negotiation training for medical professionals. Check out an excerpt and link to the full article below.


“Recognizing the importance of negotiation, medical schools are starting to invest in communication training for students — and it seems to be paying off. Research suggests communication training can improve patient adherence, diagnostic accuracy and chronic disease management. But good communication, by itself, is only part of the solution. We need to teach doctors how to negotiate.

Negotiation, in this context, is not about winning or losing, or haggling over price or scare resources. It’s about exploring underlying interests and positions to bring parties together in a constructive way. It’s about creative, innovative thinking to create lasting value and forge strong professional relationships. It’s about investigating what is behind positions that may seem irrational at first to understand the problem behind the problem.”

-Dhruv Khullar

To see the full article, follow this link:

NYTimes: Teaching Doctors the Art of Negotiation