Frank on the Past 30 Years of Negotiation Skills Training

Negotiation Skills Training in the 21st Century

This program addresses the highest level of negotiating in today’s tough world of business: capturing value. Cutting-edge companies work hard and invest heavily in innovation to add value to their product line and to their supply chain. But that value doesn’t automatically go straight to the bottom line; it only happens through deals negotiated by key personnel within the company. Yet, traditional negotiating approaches are not enough. Mobus has developed a new approach that enables people to take their negotiating skill to the next level

Delivery Method

We learn best while we are having fun. As interactive and entertaining as it is practical and useful, “CreativeNegotiating” uses the latest in learning technologies to deliver an exciting learning experience. Practice negotiations that have a real-to-life feel, interactive video and team-building exercises keep the audience stimulated and engaged throughout the program.

Online Reinforcement

Our most important piece is that after the program ends the learning continues. With reinforcement tools that have been carefully designed to optimize retention of the material, we aim not only to teach, but to change behavior. State-of-the-art technologies like avatar-based gamification and interactive video create online video simulations that, in the words on one participant, “are like going on a negotiating adventure.

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